LoveWorks Workshops

An exciting way to acquire the tools for a healthy, vibrant relationship is to participate in our special workshop, LoveWorks: Skills for the Journey of Committed Partnership. This two-day workshop is for couples who are already in a committed relationship or are exploring the possibility. It is appropriate for couples in a good relationship who want to make it even better, as well as for couples who are not satisfied and are looking for a way to create positive change.

You can expect to learn the following skills:

  • Listening
  • Conflict management
  • Creating a shared vision
  • Recognizing pitfalls
  • Assuming responsibility
  • Partnering by agreement
  • Developing shared activities
  • Spiritual partnership

LoveWorks is highly experiential. Workshop leaders will use videos, instruction, and live demonstrations to illustrate everyday use of the skills being taught. Those skills will then be practiced with your partner. You will not be asked to share private material with the group. Confidentiality will be maintained. These practice sessions will be thoroughly debriefed for learnings and applications.

LoveWorks can help you build the kind of relationship you always dreamed of having. Call 413-665-2971 to register for your workshop or e-mail us to obtain more information. Click here for our workshop dates.

LoveWorks Couples Counseling

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You may prefer two-hour private counseling session as a way for you and your partner to learn the skills taught in LoveWorks: Skills for the Journey of Committed Partnership. Whether you and your partner are already in a committed relationship or are exploring the possibility, you will have the opportunity to explore your present interactions their strengths and their difficulties and learn how to address differences and conflicts in a way that does not stifle love.

You will gain the skills to:

  • Listen to your partner for full understanding.
  • Assume personal responsibility and avoid blaming.
  • Negotiate conflicts and find win/win solutions.
  • Create a shared vision of your partnership and focus on things you like to do together.
  • Build or rebuild trust and see your relationship as a spiritual journey.

Corinne Dugas, M.Ed., and Jack Rosenblum, Ed.D., J.D., have been married since 1977 and have worked together as couples counselors throughout this time. Their marriage has served as inspiration and proving ground for the skills they teach.

Please feel free to call them today at 413-665-2971 and arrange for an introductory consultation.

You can learn how to laugh together and how to grow in love and harmony!