Meet Jack & Corinne

Meet Jack and Corinne : Experienced, Caring Counselors

Corinne Dugas, M.Ed., and Jack Rosenblum, Ed.D., J.D., have been married for over two decades and have a teenage daughter. Working with couples is one of the things they most enjoy doing together.

Jack has over 30 years experience as a management consultant helping people and organizations work together effectively. Prior to that, he was one of the first Peace Corps volunteers and chief of New York City’s drug prevention program for youth. He has provided training to develop visionary leadership and conflict resolution skills, facilitated executive teams and been an executive coach. Jack is the author of numerous articles and co-author of Managing From the Heart. His sessions are noted for a rare combination of clarity, empathy, and gentle humor.

Corinne is a lifelong educator. After receiving her Master’s degree in counseling, she was a facilitator conducting training-for-trainers and personal growth workshops for non-profit organizations. Before that, she directed an adult education center and taught social studies in an inner city junior high. Currently, in addition to her couples work, she is a Creative Memories consultant helping individuals and families create photo heritage legacies. Clients and workshop participants appreciate the warmth, compassion, insight, and generosity of spirit Corinne brings to her counseling and teaching.

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