Workshops Make Your
Relationship Better

Maintaining a loving relationship these days is no easy task. Both partners often have demanding schedules. Time and energy may be in short supply. Couples who have been together for years may experience unresolved conflicts or escalations that erode the loving feeling they once enjoyed. New couples contemplating marriage wonder how to ensure their love will last over time.

The problem is that in our society most of us were never taught the skills to enjoy a dynamic, fulfilling relationship. LoveWorks workshops teach you the key relationship-building skills.You will learn how to manage conflict and avoid pitfalls. You will learn how to create a shared vision and how to work together as partners pursuing that vision. You will learn to laugh, cry, and grow together in peace, love, and harmony.

Call or e-mail Jack Rosenblum or Corinne for a confidential appointment or for more information about LoveWorks programs. Our number is 413-665-2971.

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