Love-works is a couples & relationship counselling practice. Founded by Dr. David Perl, a physician and psychotherapist along with his therapist wife of 30 years,  Ruth.

Professional & confidential

Confidentiality and respect for our clients, no matter what the  presenting issues, are the basis on which Love-Works treats individuals and couples. We work to maintain a wholly impartial, supportive and non-judgemental attitude at all times.

Caring, Sensitive & Compassionate

First and foremost, Love-Works offers a safe and confidential space in which you can express your feelings and gain a deeper insight into issues which may be troubling.  We offer a tailored process which works at a your own pace.

Helping couples reconnect

We use our skills as psychotherapist and psychologist. We also draw from our experience of what makes our own marriage work.  We work both as a couple and individually depending upon your needs and circumstances.

Couples therapists married for 30 years

David and Ruth Perl, both therapists, understand  it takes hard work to create and sustain a  loving relationship.  They have been through their  own challenges and appreciate no relationship is without it’s ups and downs.

Some quotes we like about relationships


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